Thursday, November 25, 2004

Yesterday morning, A. woke me up around 1:30 when he couldn't get back to sleep. Around 2:00 a.m., we went into the kitchen and ate Froot Loops. Four or five blocks away, a tornado touched down and damaged several dozen houses. I didn't hear a thing! DW went to the store in the morning and saw severe damage to several houses and Sheriff's vehicles swarming into the neighborhood. It took a minute or two for me to realize that a tornado had hit the 'hood. The funnel followed a path in which one row of houses was devastated while the row behind was left untouched. The randomness of the destruction was kinda scary. Our house was totally undamaged, so we feel fortunate. Typical of Louisiana -- by the end of the day, Home Depot and Lowe's had donated thousands of dollars in lumber, visquene, and other materials to help people close up their damaged homes, and a local church put together a Thanksgiving dinner for people who suffered losses. Also, neighbors were out helping neighbors.

A. and I drove up to Alexandria yesterday to fetch T. for the holiday. We had a loud, celebratory ride home. Lots of growling, shouting, clapping, and singing. As I hadn't slept much the previous night and had to drive the whole way, my head was pounding last night. T. was so worked up that I had to drive him around town at 11 p.m. Good times!


Ann said...

I called your house about four times yesterday and got no answer, once I figured out that you lived in the subdivision that got hit. I was relieved when I talked to your DW last night and she said your place was fine and y'all were OK.

I figured you had gone to fetch T. for the long holiday weekend. I hope y'all have a great day, filled with food, family, and sleep. Sleeeeeeeeeep.

none said...

First: I´m glad you guys are safe.

Second: Happy thanksgiving. I hope you have loads of fun.

Third: Maybe we should get together and write a book about extremely lovable but sleep challenged children. :)

Just Me said...

Mother F! That's too damn close! I remember well the tornado watches, warnings when I lived in MI. I remember the drills, etc.

Glad you are okay! Were there sirens or any kind of warnings? Did anyone get hurt? Yikes. Freaky

Ann said...

We don't HAVE warnings in LA. They think that because hurricanes cause most of the tornados, and hurricanes give a lot of warning, that they don't NEED an early warning system.

Phoebe said...

I was thinking about both of you, Randy and Ann, when I read an article in the newspaper that tornados hit the New Orleans area. Wow, that was close. Are you such a deep sleeper? I've read over and over that tornados sound like 100 freight trains coming your way.