Wednesday, November 10, 2004

From the DZ:

The sage sees how to stop clinging
While all others find this very hard.
If you can see through joy and sorrow,
Then you too will glimpse the great peace.

- Perfection of Wisdom

I have been having a hard time letting my thoughts float in and out during zazen recently. I seem to grasp whatever comes into my head and process it with thought until I consciously expel it and start that process over with something else. The idea of zazen, as I understand it, is to have direct experience with the life force that precedes thought entirely. I may have done this on a few occasions -- I'm not exactly sure -- but it's been difficult to achieve that state of mushotoku mind, where I have no expectation of gain and where I just let thoughts drift like clouds across the sky. However, on those few occasions, I have felt my mind break through its boundaries and become spacious and somehow connected with life, the universe, and everything. Or maybe somebody put something in the water.


Ann said...

Isn't part of the process of meditation the not pursuing? I think that you have sensed that kind of connection at all, ever, is awesome.

Randy said...

Yes, not pursuing is a major aspect of Zen meditation. That's what I find difficult.

none said...

That´s really cool.

Another great aspect of zen was that it taught me that emotions are ever changing and never stay in one way forever. So now instead of avoiding the sorrow/anger/whatever, I try to embrace it. Not fighting it, just letting it pass through me. Accepting.

And then something strange happeness. The negative emotion dissipitates quickly and I´m left with a feeling of peace.