Friday, November 12, 2004

I had another fun little dream last night. I was hiking up a high chasm above Lake Powell, Utah/Arizona, with someone I used to know but who's name I can't remember. Dave and Voodew were standing on a kind of rope bridge spanning the chasm, watching a Canadian Football League game that was going on below, I suppose away from the lake. At the bottom of the lake was a space shuttle that had crashed there. However, the shuttle was completely intact, and could be seen clearly through the pristine water. That's about all I remember.


Ann said...

Wednesday night, I had a dream in which my husband was a jerk. He was himself, but he behaved much like my ex. I woke up and he had just finished showering. I made him come back to bed and hug me while I told him about my dream. The telling, in retrospect, seems like part of the dream, but it wasn't, it really happened. I think he apologized for being a jerk in my dream. And I told him he wasn't a jerk in real life, and I loved him. Then, I went back to sleep.

Just Me said...

I wanna be in one of your dreams!