Monday, November 01, 2004

Today's Daily Zen is hilariously inapposite in the context of the near-90 degree temperatures we've been experiencing around here lately:

In field nor mountain,
Nothing stirs
On this snowy morning.

- Chiyo-Ni (1701-1775)


Ms-Chievous said...

Ahh, very nice daily zen!
I just got home from Seattle.
Driving to Seattle for me now involves crossing Snoqualmie pass, the lesser of the two evil mountain passes in my book.
There was stirring I tell you!
In the fields and mountains I drove through there was stirrings of tow trucks at least on this snowy morning!
Dumptsters 90 degree weather=3 points.

Anonymous said...

Warm weather? I'm envious - I have only the DZ to give me hope.

Anonymous said...

Oops - that last comment was Craig the Faux Filosopher, who cannot be trusted on the Internet. However, he can be trusted to report that the Cambridge skies portend rain - a disgusting thought.

Anonymous said...

Strike Two! By "rain," I technically meant "snow."

Randy said...

Oh yeah Craig, I just checked the office calendar and noticed that you aren't here. I should get downstairs more often.