Sunday, November 21, 2004

I had a vivid dream last night, one that ended with me actually screaming and DW waking me up. In the dream, I was somewhat like the psychic character on the "Dead Zone," who is able to touch people and see their futures and/or pasts. Last night, my son A. had just turned 18 or 19, and was sent to fight in Iraq. A. currently is 6, but George W. Bush was still President in the dream. Did that two-term limitation in the Constitution bite the dust? I seem to recall protesting that A. is autistic and unable to serve, and A. being shot up or blown up right at the end. I've never been all that upset about the Iraq War, but I am happier today that I voted for John Kerry a couple of weeks ago.

I had another dream last night after the first that was unrelated to it. I don't remember anything about it except that it involved my in-laws somehow. I am really tired today.


JoeinVegas said...

Rumors going around about changes so Arnold (non US born) can run for pres, so why not change the 2 term limit? Maybe with both houses W can get it through, or call a terrorist alert and suspend the constitution altogether! Call it the Patriot Act II.

none said...

Oh no, what a terrible dream. So sorry. :(

I think this war, (just another Vietnam, by the name of Irak), is extremely wrong and needs to be stopped and our concience will just keep on bothering us till we do something.