Friday, November 05, 2004

The election is over and my inner political junkie is in withdrawal. I don't get all the Bush-hate I've seen on the Internet the past few days. [Edited after Randy got down off of his high horse]. The Libertarians are still a bunch of kooks, however. Just kidding!


doug said...

"Libertarians are still a bunch of kooks"

that was funny...

re: the hate and silly generalizations

yeah, I don't really get it either but I sure did predict it (being the total brain surgeon that I am) didn't I, didn't I - oh yes I did!

if I'm so smart how come I don't have a fucking job?

must be the damn Libertarians fault!

Trail Seeker said...

Oh, just great! Here I am leaning libertarian. I really like some of their ideas, but they have a lot of work to do before they are something viable. Backwoodshome magizine is a libertarian bastion, if your a city person, this magizine is probably not for you.

Isn't this Bush hatrid coming from the folks who honor diversity? Are for hate crime legislation?

In my state, we voted Kerry and defined marriage.

Phoebe said...

Oh, come ON, Randy. You can truly say there isn't anything in this world, not one person, who truly pisses you off? If you can truly say that, then I want to know what medicine you're taking, because I need some of that.

Randy said...

Phoebe, I can get pissed off about any little thing. Actually, I've been criticized for not letting myself get angry more often than I do. That criticism makes me very, very, um, not-angry.

Phoebe said...

LOL! :)
Being human takes the pressure off being perfect. You're a good sport, Randy.

Dave said...

Yeah, I don't get it either. Bush kicks ass!

Now come back to cherry, you crazy bastard!

Actually, you've got to think there'd be a ton of Kerry-hating going on if he'd bought... I mean... "won" the election. Wouldn't there? It would just be coming from different sources, I'd think. (Might not be as clever, either. :)

Now come back to cherry, you crazy bastard!