Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Sorry, Dave, but I couldn't resist the urge to bring up this week's Sopranos episode. It was either brilliant or terrible, depending on your point of view. Tony's 21-minute dream sequence was one of the most surreal things I've ever seen on television. However, the way it was done reminded me of my own more vivid dreams -- totally disjointed, fast-moving, seemingly illogical scenes dredged up from my subconscious to try to tell me something. There was a ton of symbolism, some of which is common to dreamers (DW, for instance, has the same thing with teeth falling out that Tony had in his dream), and some of which was unique to the Soprano situation. What I got out of it is that Tony is deeply insecure about his position as a mob boss (particularly now that he's in deep shit with Johnny Sack); that he is insecure as a father; that he is somewhat disillusioned about his career choice; and that he knows he's got two specific issues that must be resolved quickly but that he is unprepared to deal with emotionally. All this internal angst and insecurity after an episode in which Tony was a complete jerk to everybody.

My first reaction was "what the hell was that?" However, after thinking through a little, I think I liked it. I'll have to take another look at it.


Lance said...

I hated the episode. I kept screaming at the TV: "Enough already, get back to the cackadoody story!!!!" It was a major disappointment after the last few episodes. Plus they threw in the reminder that there are only two episodes left. The only good thing about that is that means Six Feet Under is coming soon!!!!! I'm so excited I could pee my...woops, already did.

Randy said...

Well, they've certainly got a lot of possibilities for the next two episodes. My guess is that there's a big shocker to come and that it is (drumroll please) Christopher flips and becomes a cooperating witness. Just a guess, I could be way off-base.

We're looking forward to SFU also. We looked at the gay paintball episode a couple of weeks ago. Lord, was that funny!

Lance said...

I love SFU. The whole look & feel of the show is perfect. It has a nice look like his "American Beauty". I'd say it and Sopranos are my two fav. shows on TV.

I'm predicting Adrianna gets written out, either witness protection, or swimming with the fishes. Haven't I seen her on previes for the new show "Joey"? She certainly wouldn't do both shows would she?

Something will happen with cousin Tony...back to prison? Head in a bowling bag? And what about Johnny Sack? Maybe they will do a threesome for the final episode?

Dave said...

Cool comments section, Randy.

Sorry, but I didn't read the post due to your warning, so I can't comment. (Boy, everyone's telling me not to read their blog these days. What did I say?)

Brenda said...

Randy, this blog keeps getting cooler. I have no comment on Sopranos, as per previous comments about having no comment on the Sopranos, but you couldn't care less, obviously, because you DELETED all my comments, but hey -- that's fine. Just peachy.

I'm just going to somebody else's blog and whisper about a TV show YOU don't watch :p

Randy said...

Dave and Brenda, please don't go! Pretty please? I'm getting better, really I am.

Lance, I hope SFU doesn't just revert to Nate and Brenda, with the other plots relegated to the background. I think the writers are more clever than that.

I hope they don't cap Johnny Sack. He's the only one on the show who still behaves like a real gangster. Like Tony told Melfi, just smile and make sure they get it in the end. That's Sack.

Little Carmine is a lot of fun too. Let's see -- garbled syntax and a sense of entitlement to follow in his father's footsteps. Does that remind you of anybody? What was that he said? "Historically, a lot of historic changes have come out of war." Something Bush-like, anyway.