Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest places. I had a brilliant idea a few minutes ago, inspired by a car accident on Interstate 12.

Coastal erosion is a serious issue along the East Coast and Gulf Coast of the United States, particularly in Louisiana. The southeastern portion of the state was created by the silt left over from Mississippi River flooding and now that the river doesn't flood anymore, there's no more silt. Also, global warming appears to be causing some encroachment of salt water. There may be other factors at play, I don't know.

A few years ago, the State came up with the idea of building dykes using old Christmas trees, placed in wire pens. This has helped the problem somewhat, but more needs to be done. On the way home tonight, DW pointed out a car in the ditch. I joked about just pushing the car into the woods instead of wasting time and money pulling it out, and then my inner environmentalist had another idea. Why not use junked cars instead of Christmas trees to slow coastal erosion? Imagine how much more effective a wall of old Suburbans would be than a bunch of Christmas trees! Marine life would flock to the structure, and the resulting reef would be an environmental boon. Why, tourists might even flock to Port Fourchon to view this wonder of the Gulf.

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