Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I decided to follow everybody else and redecorate. I also decided not to use the Haloscan comments, which evidently lost everybody's previous contributions to my little corner of the Internet. Sorry about that. I just like this format better.


Jo said...

Very nice. I like the colors. I like the peachy tan letters on the deep blues. Very cool. You are all just quite the talented lot.

Randy said...

It's one of the options on the blogger template page. All I added were the links.

Randy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ann said...

Testing the delete a comment function, I see. Yes, I like this one very much. It fits you, my man. Give Doug admin privileges and he'll personalize it dramatically.

Randy said...

Actually, I hit the publish button twice by accident, requiring me to delete a duplicated comment. I may give Doug admin. privileges. He does cool stuff, for sure.

Brenda said...

Ah-hah. That worked, Randy. Cool. It's so roomy in here. I could write and write and write, and there would still be room left. I know -- I'll take advantage of all this space and write a litte poem for you:
Ode to My Fucking Job:
oops. That was Lance's poem. How about:

Ode to My Leftover Lasagna:

Made by loving hands,
Tastes a little bland,
Just because she didn't understand,
The recipe.

Randy said...

Super, Brenda!

I made Brenda a blog member so that she could post comments. She's gets some password error message with these Blogger comments, as opposed to the Haloscan one. A couple of you also have Blogger comments, so you might just want to make her a member too.