Saturday, May 15, 2004

I took my Youngest Son to the Aquarium of the Americas this morning. He knew exactly where we were going once I turned into the Canal Place parking garage, so he gladly got out of the car without the plastic doo-dads he's been obsessed with lately. We spent about two hours in the place, running from tank to tank. He shouted with glee the whole time, so loudly that one girl covered her ears and ran to her father. He didn't seem to care; I certainly didn't. YS is definitely my son -- he loved the sharks, big and small, and he pent more time at their exhibits than anyplace else. He has no idea that they are ultra-efficient killers; I suppose he just thought they looked nice as they swam. He climbed into (and up) the concave window on the big shark tank and watched the killer pelagics swim up only inches away. He tried to touch some large Brazilian fish in the Amazon exhibit that swam to the surface, and he loved watching the penguins eat. Later on, we went to PetsMart to look at dogs. Ironically, in light of his fondness for sharks, he was very much afraid of the small dogs on display at the store.

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