Thursday, May 06, 2004

I thought about Dave today when I stopped off in the town of Lecompte, known in these parts as the Pie Capital of Louisiana. I stopped off at the renowned Lea's Lunch Room with my Oldest Son and picked up a couple of pies on the way home from his school in Alexandria, LA. I'm going to eat a piece in a minute. Mmmmm, floor pie!

I was actually anxiety-ridden all day long about bringing OS home for the weekend. Is it too soon? How will Younger Son react? Am I up for running around non-stop like I used to do on weekends? Will my sister quit talking in the car? Also, I think there was a bit of an aftereffect from the last time I went up without DW along. I had a few heavy-breathing episodes, but fortunately nobody else seemed to notice. I don't understand it -- my overall anxiety level has gone down since I went on a mental-health regimen, but I have more anxiety attacks. Fortunately, they're easy to manage and get over.

I stroked OS's head as he fell asleep a few minutes ago. Putting the boys to sleep has always been a high point of my days, at least when they're actually going to sleep and not just making a play for attention. Anyway, it was a very nice moment tonight.

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