Tuesday, May 25, 2004

From "The Late Show with David Letterman:"

Top Ten Things Never Before Said on "The Sopranos"

10. "You don't have any money? That's cool"
(Dominic Chianese)

9. "Screw this home cooking -- I'm going to the Olive Garden"
(Aida Turturro)

8. "In addition to disposing of bodies, you'll need to know how to use Powerpoint and Excel"
(Steven Van Zandt)

7. "Wasn't that the guy from Springsteen's E Street Band?"
(Robert Iler)

6. "I just hooked up an illegal cable box. Now I'm getting free HBO"
(Jamie-Lynn Discala)

5. "Tony, I'm gonna need to leave early today for Rosh Hashanah"
(Tony Sirico)

4. "I want a bigger part -- what are you gonna do, kill my character?"
(Drea de Matteo)

3. "Hey Paulie, how about you and me going up to Massachusetts and getting married?"
(Michael Imperioli)

2. "I can't go to prison -- Martha Stewart will eat me alive!"
(Edie Falco)

1. "I just whacked myself"
(James Gandolfini)


doug said...

you gotta love Dave's top 10

Randy said...

Yeah, but only one of the top 10 has actually occurred this season.

Brenda said...

.... the usual disclaimer about never watching the Sopranos, yadda yadda yadda.

So glad to see you back online, Randy. I thought you whacked your blog.

Ew. That sounded gross.

This new blogger format is major flakey.

Dave said...

Yep, I was missing you big time in the rotation, Randy. Don't do that to us!


Jo said...

You guys make me want to get hooked on Sopranos now. I have done really well and haven't gotten hooked on a tv show for nearly two seasons. I miss it, though. That weekly excitement, like reading a good book...you can't wait to turn the page.

doug said...

Jo I was thinking it's more like my weekly visit to my kept whore.

Randy said...

WTF? My blog didn't whack off the web, er, um, go down, oh never mind. I couldn't get to some of your blogs yesterday. Nice to have everybody in a big circle, um, er, well you know.