Thursday, January 12, 2006

God Save the Queen

"God save the Queen
she ain't no human bein'"
--The Sex Pistols

I had a dream about H.M. the Queen a couple of nights ago. No, it wasn't one of those dreams, thank goodness. DW and I were seated at the Queen's U.S. memorial service, which, as a favor to President at the time, was being held in a sports arena at the University of Oklahoma. I was debating whether to stand when the procession entered the arena, as we threw off the royal yoke of oppression in 1776, but the news coverage of the people in London who had refused to stand at the procession there made me think that maybe I should stand. The non-standers were portrayed as gutter punks and other scum. I didn't want to be counted in their number. The procession began to enter, and I had to make my decision. That's when the dream ended.

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