Sunday, January 08, 2006

We spent the better part of the weekend patching our fence. There are a few adjustments left, but it was a larger engineering project than I initially contemplated. Nevertheless, I'm determined to get over my poor homeowner self-image, and this fence-mending project is a good start. Posted by Picasa


doug said...

Fence is looking sweet. Funny that you'd identify your "poor homeowner self-image" and the steps to overcome it - I too have been doing similar things as of late for similar reasons.

Ann said...

How do you know who owns a fence? Our back fence blew over, and we assumed it was our neighbors because the poles are on our side. A realtor in Texas told us you can tell who owns the fence by who looks at the poles: the owner DOESN'T look at the poles.

However, the fence is propped up and our neighbor has been here the whole time with no indication that the fence is going to be repaired. Is it possible that it's OUR fence?

Randy said...

It probably depends on who's lot the fence is on, and you'd have to get a surveyor out there to know for sure. Perhaps some of the other neighbors might remember? We paid to have our fence put up, so we know it's ours.