Friday, January 20, 2006

St. Tammany Parish--it's like a whole other country

I saw a Texas flag atop a construction project in Slidell this morning. I concocted a story that the powers-that-be in Parish Government were so offended by the Chocolate City speech the other day that they formally seceded from Louisiana and annexed us to Texas, and that, henceforth, we will no longer be known as a suburb of New Orleans, but rather, as a suburb of Houston. Posted by Picasa

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Ann said...

Is it really that bad here? The racism, I mean. I read a very funny post in the Slidell Forum on NOLA.COM some months ago that went along the lines of: "Open letter to St. Bernard Parish residents living in St. Tammany: If you see an African-American walking out of a house with a television set, don't shoot them. It's their house, and their TV set."

OTOH, I've heard attitudes, from "good Christian people," about the demographics of the city and the West Bank that made my hair curl. For all the rhetoric about a melting pot down here, the reality is that racism is alive and well and ugly as ever. Makes me want to move to the chocolate city, just as a statement.