Saturday, July 10, 2004

Younger Son and I are having a very busy weekend while DW is in Utah/Idaho. Yesterday we spent two hours at a McDonald's playland, two hours in our backyard pool, and an hour running around PetSmart. YS got to pet a nice black Lab at the pet store, and ran around looking at fish and birds as usual. We just got back from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where YS spent three hours in the Gulf of Mexico. He is working on his dog-paddling technique and on his diving technique. He started diving down to the bottom to grab handfuls of sand. Other parents have their kids in floaties and tubes; I was tossing YS into the air and getting maniacal laughter once he came back up from under the water. Lest you think I'm totally negligent, we were never in more than three feet of water. I'm not sure what we'll do with the rest of the afternoon, but I'm sure I'll think of something. YS's transitions are problematic right now. I had to drag him from McDonald's and PetSmart yesterday kicking and screaming, and I've got a long scratch mark on my face from when I gently placed him into the car. I don't know why the people in the drive-thru line were looking at us like that. DW, of course, would like me to be putting together some bookshelves she bought last week. Oh well.


Ann said...

Hey, she's a 21st century kind of gal. She can put them together, too!

You're spending your time just right, R. I hope today was as good as yesterday. Actually, I hope it's better, in that I hope you come through it without any wounds.

Randy said...

We came in from a backyard pool session a few minutes ago. YS is trying to pour any liquid he can get from any recepticle he can find. I have all the drinking vessels, drinks, and cleaning solutions put away, but he's managed to find other things. This afternoon he shattered a Mason jar that I didn't even know existed. I found a glass candle on the floor a few minutes ago. Fortunately, there was no liquid in it. This is the kind of thing that drives people totally insane.

Jo said...

Randy - it must have been heavenly to hear son's laughter. Putting together shelves could never create a Kodak moment like playing in the gulf.

So interesting about his creative abilities. Frustrating but interesting. I just wonder what is going on in his mind....what is he thinking and creating? (thinking out loud again)

When in the pool does he like to pour the water from cup to cup or bucket or something? Does that help quench his urge to pour out liquids?

Amazing kid. Hope your weekend only leaves you with the one wound.