Sunday, July 18, 2004

Oy, such a morning!  I took YS to Chuck E. Cheese this morning.  Everything went fine until I made him let another kid go down the slide he was climbing up.  He went totally nuts, and I had six fresh bite marks on my wrists by the time I fastened him into his carseat.  Masochist that I am, I took him directly to PetSmart.  We followed a dog back into the grooming section, and YS gently petted the animal.  When the dog went back behind the door, YS went nuts again.  I had to pick him up and carry him from the store, with his head and arms wildly flailing around, trying to make contact.  I got his arms crossed and firmly immobilized, but he was able to bite me.  He got my entire left thumb into his mouth and bit down so hard my thumb briefly went limp.  I took him to the neighborhood playground, then home.  He's been fine ever since.  I've got a few bruises and bite marks, but no major damage.
Yesterday was a very good day.  We did PetSmart, Target, and a large local playground without incident.  YS is very good with dogs, and he loved PetSmart yesterday.  I'm thinking he was just terribly overstimulated yesterday and this morning and what I tried to do was just too much.

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Jo said...

I don't do well when I am over stimulated either. I also don't do well when I am under stimulated. I guess it's finding just the right amount of stimulation.

I love that he loves dogs. Dogs are so awesome (for the most part).