Sunday, July 11, 2004

I have a confession of sorts. I've been fighting off an attack of depression the past couple of weeks. I seem to have bottomed out yesterday and today, and I may be pulling out a bit. A few good "Sopranos" episodes helped, and I've been very busy playing with Younger Son. I just ate some sushi from Sav-a-Center just for the hell of it, and doing stuff just for the hell of it is always a good sign. I like Sav-a-Center because they make a point of carrying Louisiana products, some of which are very difficult to find. I was more excited than I should have been to see New Orleans Nectar Soda at the checkout. Next thing you know they'll be carrying cream cheese ice cream.


Anonymous said...

"The good, capable, conscientious person is more likely to be depressed than their counterpart." -- Anna Freud

Could be bullshit, but it helps me to read that.

Sorry things are the shits lately, Randy. For some reason, coincidentally, I am craving chocolate right now. A Zen thing to say (and therefore incomprehensible) is: "I am craving cream cheese ice cream. Isn't that marvelous?"

Jo said...

Cream cheese ice cream? Is that anything like cheesecake ice cream? It's hard to get LA items in LA? Wow. Hubby still talks about the food down there.

Sorry to hear about the depression war. Ugh. I hate when that happens. How about a little R&R? When's the last time YOU got to get away alone for a break? We all need refills.

Hang in there...I'll be thinking about you.

Miranda said...

Just hang on, it will get better. It must be going around, I'm really low energy as well.

Dave said...

Ah, buddy, wish I could do something for ya.

Just remember that there are people out there on the net who look to you for good legal stories and Sopranos reviews. You're an important cog in the cherry machine!

Ann said...

I'm so glad you're back on an upward swing. Get thee to the Zen Temple! And waste no time trying out whatever new sex toy DW brings home.