Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Last night I attended a group for men to talk about dreams. My therapist put the group together and invited me to join it. As my dear readers know, I've had several unusual dreams in the past year or so. I just don't know about this group thing. The guys who were there last night all seemed intelligent and articulate, and my therapist obviously knows what he's doing. I like the fact that he's open to anything and doesn't want to impose his own interpretation on our subconscious thoughts and images. However, I wonder whether it's worth $50 every two weeks to sit around and shoot the shit about archetypical symbolism. Maybe I should just have a better attitude and try it out a few more times.


Jo said...

It would be interesting to see what they all have to say about your dreams. It depends on how important it is to you to know if it's worth the money. Sounds interesting, that's for sure!

Ann said...

Well, a couple more times can't hurt. Maybe you'll make a couple of drinking buddies.

I think it's interesting, but chicks like to do that kind of thing.

workingfather said...

Since I'm an equal opportunity trespasser and since you were complaining that you didn't get any extra traffic from the Foyer train wreck, I thought I'd stop by and say hello. Looks like you've got some interesting things here - I'll have to check it out.

Randy said...

Hi, WF! Pull up a chair and hang out for a while.

Ann, it's funny you should mention how women talk amongst each other. The therapist started off last night talking about how his womens' groups have a hard time getting off the ground, while the men come in and start talking about sports and stuff.

Anonymous said...

For a one-time cost of only $7.50, you can buy the 10th Anniversary Edition of the Dream Dictionary, and A-Z guide to understanding your unconscious mind, by Tony Crisp. Archetypal symbolism galore!! All within your grasp in the privacy of your own home!! 444 pages!!

But it's probably more fun talking wid da guys.

Signed, the anonymous interpreter of dreams who has sworn off the internet "for good."

Randy said...

Hi there, Anonymous Interpreter of Dreams. Hope all is well. Not that I know who you are or anything like that.

Dave said...

I wonder who that crazy anonymous poster could be? Curious. Very curious...

Dude, seriously, nobody can interpret your dreams as well as you can, because the images have unique meanings to you alone. Besides, who knows if dreams mean anything at all? For all we know, they could just be your brain taking a dump.

I'd spend that cash on some good DVD box sets if I were you (Six Feet Under, Season 1, anyone?). They'll last longer.

Jo said...

But Dave he might find a good drinking buddy! Don't want to pass up an opportunity like that, right? :)

Hi Working Father

Dave said...

Seems like a lot of money to spend on the off chance he might meet a new drinking buddy, especially in light of the fact that he could be increasing his DVD collection with some killer DVDs.

Small chance of making new friend=gamble
HBO series box set=guaranteed investment

And yeah, nice to hear from you, WF

Craig said...

If you really want to make a drinking buddy, just offer to ante up the money you are spending on the group for spirits. That always makes people popular.

Lance said...

Hey Randy, Speaking of SFU, are you going to blog about SFU like you did Sopranos?

Quick Recap:
Lisa: Not pretty after being eaten by fishies
Lisa's mom: Major Bitch (like Lisa)
Nate: Has an interesting way of dealing with problems.
Brenda: Lets Nate deal with problems, without complaint.
George: Doesn't mind his own damn business.
Ruth: Has a husband that is going to be hated by her kids.
Claire: Maybe she should have told old what's-his-name she was pregnant, and going to have an abortion.
David: Back with Keith