Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I feel like shit today.  We took O.S. back to his school yesterday.  He was high-strung all day Sunday, and he stayed that way most of the way to Alexandria.  Still, he was cheerful enough until we got about 50 miles away, when he started crying and sobbing.  He tantrumed when we got to the school and took him into his dorm.  Y.S. ran into the dorm after him, laughing with a malicious cackle.  Y.S. made himself at home while enjoying his brother's misery.  That boy sure can be a mean SOB.  I've noticed that he deeply resents O.S.'s abilities, limited though they may be in our eyes.  On the good side, O.S. was fine a few minutes after we left.

O.S.'s speech, deportment, and behavior all have improved dramatically since we placed him at St. Mary's in late February.  However, there's still a long way to go, and I want to see O.S. continue to make progress.  That hope makes moments like yesterday's bearable.  Also, Y.S. has much further to go than even O.S. does, and things seem to work best when they are apart.

This parenting business sucks out loud.  Still, I wouldn't trade my boys for anything or anybody.


Brenda said...

You said it, Randy. This parenting business is the hardest thing ever. I spent the whole weekend worrying about my teen until my stomach will never be the same.
That school of yours is working miracles. I feel sorry for the parents who don't have access to that resource.

Jo said...

I hope the day picks up for you. It must be a very tough adjustment for your whole family with each visit. One with it's rewards no doubt but still a tough adjustment. Hugs

doug said...

uggg, I just don't know how to reply.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Miranda said...

When I read your posts, I think of this autistic kid I know whose parents do very little for him. They send him to a special public school, but that is it. When I met him, he was wandering around our host's backyard desperate for human contact. I didn't figure out who his parents were until much later when I discovered that was how they always were. It was so sad. This boy probably has a milder case of autism than your boys and when I read about how much your kids have be helped, I want to drive over his house and help him too. :(

Dave said...

Parenting is like a penis. The more you try to take control, harder it gets (and of course, some dads can be a real prick, but that’s not applicable to this post…) I think things soften up if you can just let go.

(Dave’s inspirational thought for today).