Sunday, November 27, 2005

Onion Zen?

Wow, those Eastern religions sure are popular. Posted by Picasa


Phoebe said...

Is that THE "Onion?" Different format. I like it.

I think the religion best for your abs is ... well .. the one I used to be in. Throwing up requires ab muscles usage, and since I felt like throwing up a lot while listening to sermons, I'm quite toned in that region.

Randy said...

Yeah, it's from The Onion. I got the impression that it's just a goof cover, with no article to follow. And my guess is that yogic Hinduism is best for the abs, but I'm no expert on the exercise value of particular religions. Our tiny LDS congregation in Uptown New Orleans met at the Jewish Community Center, and there was an aerobics class going on next to the auditorium where we met. Were it not for Mormon practices of Sabbath observance, we all could have changed out after church and joined the JCC's aerobicizers.