Sunday, November 20, 2005

Damn, no scanner access

I'm looking at a photo of Toby that his teacher sent us. He is holding a blue ribbon that he won at a recent Special Olympics event--horseback riding, if I'm not mistaken. He has a "yeah! I kicked ass!" look on his face. I'll scan it and upload it when I have scanner access. Not sure how he did at bowling on Friday, but we'll find out on Wednesday when we fetch him and Adam for Thanksgiving.

Speaking of my kids, last night I had a dream in which Toby was at St. Mary's, but had sufficient awareness to ask why he is autistic and mentally retarded. I explained that it was due to my own genetic deficiencies, and that I felt guilty about it. On the topic of dreams, I watched the first half of HBO's superb "Angels in America" this morning--some of the dreams in that film remind me of my own, though I've never had Emma Thompson come crashing through my roof.

We officially unevactuated back to Loo-zee-ana yesterday. Today, I shall measure the gaps in our fence and get some wire fencing for a temporary fix. I'll make the permanent repairs in a couple of weeks.


Phoebe said...

That is really great about Toby's prize. Nothing better than to see your kid beaming at his own accomplishments.
Have fun with the move-in. Is it good to be back home?

Hellmut said...

Congratulations to Toby!

Why do you need a temporarily fixed fence? Are the deer eating your roses?

I would just let wait until I can fix the fence for good.

I wish I could help with your feelings about your children. You are going to great lengths to afford them the best possible life. You ought ot feel good about that.

Randy said...

Thanks for the nice words. It's good to be back home. The 350 mile drive to Houston was starting to feel like a normal commute.

Ann said...

Last I knew, wasn't Toby afraid to ride a horse? He would only get in a cart on the back? Or am I thinking of Adam?

doug said...

"We officially unevactuated back to Loo-zee-ana yesterday."

I was wondering when you'd be heading back. Keep us posted on all the reconstruction developments.

Miranda said...

I am so impressed by the staff and programs at St. Mary's. Your boys have really thrived there, it sounds like.

So, does it feel like a whole new house now since you have been gone so long?