Thursday, May 04, 2006

Katrina Report

I've been skimming through the Senate's report on Hurricane Katrina. It's too long and detailed for even a major nerd like me to read the whole thing. So many failures by so many people and so many systems. I just hope Congress doesn't get too ambitious and restructure FEMA during this year's hurricane season.

I was able to get my favorite Cuban sandwich today; perhaps things really are going to be okay around here.


Phoebe said...

As a worst-case scenario worrier, I'd be interested in you painting a picture of what would happen if NO was hit by another hurricane. As I understand it, nothing has been done to repair the levy? And some people have moved back to unprotected neighborhoods?

And FEMA is officially a joke.

What would happen?

Ann said...

Everybody would throw their hands up in despair. Bush would come back and put a roof on a house, so we wouldn't need any money. Blanco would be overwhelmed and ineffective. Nagin would be overwhelmed and ineffective.

Fewer would die, because fewer are here.

But the city would die.

Randy, did you read that Chevron is pulling up stakes and heading for Covington? I think we're going to see more and more migrations to the Northshore. After all, the schools don't suck.

Quite a bit of work HAS been done on the levees. But they're aren't done by a long shot.

Randy said...

If NO is hit by another major hurricane, we will all move to Houston or Atlanta. The end.

The state of the levees differs around the area. The outflow canals are being gated off, so those areas should be okay. The 9th Ward levees are being built up to standard, but the levees that guard N.O. East and Chalmette are still iffy, and won't be certifiable (whatever that means) until 2010.

I don't get why the powers that be are so freaked about Chevron. At least they're staying in the area. But look around, and you'll see several small businesses from the Southshore that have taken their insurance money and moved to the Northshore. Half of St. Bernard Parish is moving here already.