Tuesday, May 23, 2006

celebrity dreamin'

I had a dream last week in which a couple of coworkers and I were advising Matt Damon on making a film about New Orleans. One coworker wanted him to do an adaptation of an Anne Rice novel, while I wanted him to do something along the lines of "Mamba Kings," but about N.O. jazz musicians who were scattered to the winds by Hurricane Katrina. Matt's manager/agent didn't like or respect my suggestions. I'd say that I had the better idea, but I don't know which would do better box office.

On reflection, this dream may reflect my long-held feeling that other people--be it at work or ousdide of it--have little respect for anything I think or do. I suppose I have a raging inferiority complex based in some part on my feelings about myself. It's pretty silly for someone with a Zen affinity to be concerned about something so ego-based, but it's always been a thing for me. Maybe that's why I've gravitated to online discussion and blogging.

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