Monday, May 15, 2006

Blogging at sea

I wanted to see if I could blog from the deep blue sea, so here goes. We're south and a bit east of New Orleans, heading for Jamaica. We arrive in Jamaica Wednesday morning.

I didn't know whether I'd like this or not, but I'm loving it so far. DW is playing bingo right now, and she spent most of the morning at the pool. I've spent a good bit of today in the gym, doing a yoga class and a normal workout. The yoga instructor told me I need to do Pilates for my chronically bad thoracic muscles, so I may start with that when I get home. Every other trainer I've consulted before has told me there's nothing I can do for that area of my back, so I'm happy to hear that maybe there's sommething that will help.

I'm reading a book of Charles Bukowski's poems and the Dalai Lama's book on science and spirituality during this trip, and I hope to make progress in both of them. I also hope to jump start my zen sitting, which took a hit when I injured my back a month or so ago.

I'll post some photos later, after I take some.


Phoebe said...

Pretty cool you can blog from the ship. I thought there would be a week before you posted anything.

Enjoy! Sounds fun.

Randy said...

It's great fun, but I forgot to pack my damn scuba mask!! It's got prescription lenses, and the shop in Cozumel doesn't have any prescription lenses, so that means no scuba. Dammit to hell! But I'm doing a zipline thingy in Jamaica tomorrow, so that should ease the sting a bit.