Tuesday, August 24, 2004

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doug said...

Well done Randy!

I suspect that all those 3rd world drivers have immigrated to Calgary - what are the odds!

Looking forward to the next reading.

Randy said...

Then there's New Orleans thinking about turn signals: "I know where I'm going; why should I tell you?"

doug said...

Randy please don’t quit posting the audio. You know what I would really enjoy is if people occasionally posted the audio version along side the written version. Actually I'd like it if they did that all the time but I don't want to appear greedy. A person’s tonal inflection is important, it gives the listen a better understanding - I’m sure you would agree. But like I said it is best not to have such expectations. :)

Has anybody determined what the cost per phone call is when dialing the 661 area code? BTW, I experimented with the audioblog thing about 2 or 3 of months ago but I forgot to check my phone bill. Obviously I didn’t make my audioblog post available for public consumption. :)

Phoebe said...

Randy, that really was entertaining. I like O'Rourke's stuff. You make me want to dig out some of my own humorous anthology books for a read.
Do keep it up.

I don't know what the phone bill cost. I used a cell phone which, as I understand, has free long distance, but who knows until I get the bill? I think another way to do this is to buy a calling card. They run pretty cheap, don't they?

Dave said...

That was hilarious! Yes, please keep it up!