Sunday, February 17, 2008

Of Bowls and Behaviors

I visited the Autism Center at St. Mary's the other day. Each of my boys has his own training room, where he recieves 1:1 ABA training per day. Both of them are doing well with their current objectives.

The St. Mary's Parents Group is holding a fundraiser in April, the Greco Bowl, honoring the late Bishop Charles Greco. This is our first attempt at this kind of fundraiser, but it has great potential. The kids are painting bowls, which a regionally renowned chef (John Folse, who has a show on PBS) will fill with gumbo. The diner then keeps the bowl. We're probably going to reserve all of our kids' bowls and give out a few as gifts.

A. has a minor case of sinusitis this weekend, but he had a great time playing in the warm water of the hotel swimming pool.

T. had an up-and-down weekend at home. We're working through a period of obsessive/compulsive behavior that can be painful to observe. As God is my witness, I had no idea that Clearview Mall has two key-operated freight elevators with the doors permanently opened (what, were teenagers having sex in there or something?). Also, the other elevator we had been riding stopped on us. Not good. Not good at all. However, there was a stiff wind coming off the gulf, and T. was able to play in a nice little surf, albeit while wearing a long sleeved boatsman's shirt. That was fun. This morning, T. was extra clever. He saw some unfolded swimsuits on the couch, so he found a suitcase and packed it with the swimsuits. If he could get that suitcase into the car, it would mean we would have to check into the hotel to go swimming. Not bad reasoning, and it took some planning.


Casdok said...

Good to hear that both boys are doing well. I just love that last photo!!! :)

Bill said...

Wow, he must really have a nose for elevators! Glad he & Adam are getting great care at St. Mary's. Can't get much better than 1:1.

Randy said...

He can distinguish single-story buildings from multi-story ones. He gets really excited when we cross the Mississippi at downtown Baton Rouge. He wants to go up in a tall building in the worst way. I thought about bringing him into my office and taking him the freight elevator, a device that scares some of the people who work here.