Monday, February 18, 2008

Annoyingly Effective

Well, this "Dear Adoptee" letter certainly brightened up my Friday. There's no "non-ID" file in Austin with my name on it; I've already signed up for the registry she mentions; and there is no agency from which I can obtain anything. Moreover, I finally got an answer to my petition to unseal my adoption file--"no," by non-ruling. If I feel a need to refile, I'll load the petition up with documentation to create a nice record on appeal. I found this most recent letter sufficiently off-putting that I began thinking of this as more of a long-term campaign with lots of zigs, zags, and inching forward than as a quick march to victory. I sat down and wrote a list of questions and identified some resources that might lead me in the right direction. We'll see what happens.


Casdok said...

Very annoying, good luck!

Anonymous said...

Randy, trying to track down my older son's paternal genetic material contributor has been similarly frustrating. I hope you can find the answers you seek.

Randy said...

I came up with an interesting Texas AG opinion from the 1970s, and there may be some information that the state district court--as opposed to the vital statistics unit--is legally required to give me, albeit without a name attached to it. Of course, neither the state court nor the vital statistics people mentioned anything about that.

Damn, I'm a lawyer and I'm having a hard time figuring out under which rock I need to look. We're at least supposed to be able to figure out that much.

Anonymous said...

$30.00 to file? Dude - it was $50.00 in Arizona to petition the State Supreme Court through a 3rd party intermediary.

Get in the registry queue. I filed right around Thanksgiving '95 and the agency opened my case the end of January '96 - I made "first contact" in February '96.

Best of luck, sir Randy.