Monday, December 17, 2007

Smells Like Teen Spirit?

I noticed a display at WalMart the other day suggesting that Tom Brady wears the same aftershave as I do. However, said aftershave lotion has not made me 6'5", athletic, and able to have my way with supermodels. Dang! I have to wonder whether other NFL players snort and giggle as they walk past the Stetson displays at their local stores. Probably not, given the way the Patriots are playing this season. The product Brady advertises seems to work well with my natural skin scent, and I have an odd ability to sniff out such things. But I don't think it would do well for me to go around telling other men (or women, for that matter) that they should use product that is more/less citrusy, woodsy, powdery, musky, etc., to complement or mask their natural scent.


beatdad said...

C'mon man just tell everyone to wear stetson. Maybe, if I had the right scent, people would not avoid sitting next to me at the Zendo.

Randy said...

My favorite is Drakkar Noir, but it costs more than Stetson.

I was once advised not to wear too much aftershave or deodorant in the dojo, as it would detract from the scent of the incense. I occasionally overdo things in the morning. However, it seems to me that a person who hasn't used enough deodorant is more of a distraction than someone who has used too much.