Monday, December 17, 2007

Child of God


Well, T's purchase of a King David action figure a couple of weeks ago may not have been an isolated incident. He is showing an interest in some of the formal aspects of the Sunday mass, and he may be trained to play a part in that. Yesterday, we bought him Moses, Samson, and Jonah action figures as Christmas presents to go along with David. Jesus was sold-out (by some WalMart Judas, I suppose). Whether his interest in religion progresses further is something on which we'll wait and see. In any event, it appears that something in that realm is connecting with T on some level. I suppose that if God can manifest Himself to folks like Moses, Joseph Smith, and St. Teresa of Avila, He can manifest Himself to a kid like T in a way that T can understand.


Sweet and Salty said...

This post really touched my heart. God touched my son and a way that he can understand, and I believe the Lord can reach anyone he chooses.

You made me laugh with the "Jesus was sold out" comment. (smile)

Randy said...

Thank you, Pavel.

If there is a heaven, nirvana, or some other form of afterlife, I'd like to think that kids like ours would be near the front of the line.