Saturday, February 03, 2007

Crimson dreamin'

I was in a dumpy local bar (the beloved Flora-Bama comes to mind--what a fun place!) with some people I knew, though I can't remember whom. I needed to take a whiz, so I looked up and saw the sign with one arrow directing the men in one direction and the other arrow directing the women in the other direction. I went behind the "mens" door, and saw another sign, giving me a choice of options, one of which was the local chapter of the Harvard Club. It was a pretty large area, with several rooms and lots of waiters and other service personnel. Yet it remained the same dumpy old bar. I took a seat in one of the rooms, which had people seated at tables arranged in a semicircle. A couple of mid-20ish guys stood up and told bad jokes that I can't remember. I remember thinking that I attended LSU, so what am I doing hanging around in here? I still needed to pee, so I stood up and started off in search of the head. Someone asked whether I would be back, and I said something about needing to pee right now.

I have nothing against Harvard or any other college. Also, to my knowledge, there is no local Harvard Club, and, somehow, I doubt it would look like the Flora-Bama if there were one.

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Wade Rankin said...

A Harvard guy and a LSU guy are standing at the urinals taking care of business. The Tiger finishes, zips and starts to walk out. Crimson Boy sniffs and says, "At Harvard, a gentleman knows he should wash his hands after urinating." Without turning around, Bayou Boy replies, "At LSU, we know enough not to piss on our damn hands."