Monday, February 19, 2007

Brrr! at the Beach

Your humble host can be talked into doing some pretty silly things, like taking a kid to the beach when it's 58 degrees out, after several days of temperatures getting down into the low 30s. However, T. ran straight to the swimsuits, shouting "beach!" when we walked into Target earlier today, so I knew right then that I had to be firm about saying "whatever" and braving the cold water. The Mississippi Sound at low tide is basically a wading pool anyway.


Ann said...

We drove a little longer, and little further, to a better beach. I never got more than my toes in the water, and I dressed warm. But Perdido Key was beautiful as ever, and M. had a very nice hour at the beach. Me too.

Sideon said...

Having never been to that neck of the woods, I would never have thought of a beach. When I visit my folks in Texas, we drive a few hours to Galviston and swim in the Gulf for half a day. Is the Mississippi Sound just as warm?

Randy said...

Sid, I think the Gulf beaches are close to the same temperature-wise, though the shallow water in Mississippi might make it somewhat closer to the air temperature. Speaking of Galveston, we went down there on August 28, 2005, and watched surfers riding the waves that were created by Hurricane Katrina. Of course, I already knew that Katrina was a massive, powerful storm, but those were some pretty big waves for being so far from the storm. But, even then, my imagination couldn't conceive of what was about to happen in my neck of the woods.