Sunday, October 22, 2006

talking candy, wtf?

Night before last, I dreamt that I was in a candy store, in charge of somebody's 6-7 year old daughter. I don't think she was my child. She was upset and making a bit of a scene, and I went off to find the best chocolate candy in the store for her. The store clerk came over to see what this girl was crying about, but the clerk was an old roommate of mine. I walked over and assured him that I was in charge of the girl, and also that I had found the very best chocolate candy in the store.

Thing was, this chocolate candy was solid chocolate, but it was shaped sort of human-like and pretzel-like, I suppose something like a Tim Burton animation. But I don't recall seeing any faces or heads. Also, the label on the candy tin had an American-flag shield, and the candy was American history themed. The candy also talked, and it spouted racial and sexist slogans. The girl and the store clerk looked perplexed. I told the girl it was okay to go ahead and eat the candy because it tasted really good.

Does any of this mean anything, or was my subconscious just messing with me?

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