Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fun, fun, fun

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Adam had a most excellent morning with his parents. We started at Adam's favorite store, buying more loot than I anticipated. We then went to the park down the street, where I chased Adam around several pieces of playground equipment. At one point, he tried to close me inside the bathroom building by leading me into a doorway, then closing a gate behind me. Then to the swimming pool and the serious business of the day. Adam is done with his training-wheel period; he insisted on swimming for himself with very little assistance--and he's capable of making it 10-12 feet on his own before he pulls up and brings his head out of the water. He was mingling with two or three other boys in the pool, and he swims almost as well as they do. That was the indoor pool experience. Outdoors, the air temperature was in the 50s or low 60s, but Adam insisted I take him out there anyway. DW was sane, and she watched us through the window. Adam stuck his foot in the outdoor pool and decided it was too cold--for him, anyway. He pulled me to the edge and pushed me until I jumped in. Brrr! The water really was too cold. I jumped in several times, then took him back inside. He insisted on going outside yet again and making me jump in a few times. Finally, I picked him up and dropped him into the water. He climbed right out and was ready to go to our hotel room. Later, we took Adam to a buffet restaurant near the hotel instead of the usual Burger King. He behaved very well and ate lots of soft-serve ice cream. This was a very fun day with Adam.

Edited to add: I wrote a little poem this morning while doing jury duty.

in many ways
still a baby
in the water
like other boys
his age
his joy, our joy

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Anonymous said...

what a great picture (and a great day!). He looks like you :)