Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rituals and Randy

I found myself thinking about all the little rituals I've had with my boys over the years and how much I miss having those on a daily basis.  The morning bus ritual; the bedtime ritual; the Target ritual; the mall ritual; the park ritual; the train rituals, etc.  I always tried to make things fun for everybody, including myself.  After I waxed nostalgic a bit, I began to wonder how I can replace those special little daily events with some of my own.  It seems to me that should be the next step.  We've got our Sunday evening TV block, which is a kind of ritualistic thing for us, but I'm going to see if I can somehow ritualize my trips to the gym and make myself go there more joyfully.

Speaking of Sunday television, I watched "Big Love" and "The Sopranos" a day late last night.  I liked Tony's dream, its symbolism and internal logic, and how what people in his room were saying appeared to be filtered through his consciousness.  It does seem, however, like a couple of plot developments on that show this season have been pretty clumsily contrived--Eugene's inheritance and A.J.'s tough talk after years of weeniedom.  That stuff came out of nowhere, with no foundation having been laid for it.  I do like the setup of the counterterrorist FBI agents playing footsie with Chrissy, even as the other FBI agents doggedly pursue Tony and the boyz.  That plotline has some potential.

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