Saturday, March 04, 2006

Angels in Alexandria, again

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Ann said...

This explains why, when I called to see if you and DW wanted to meet at PJ's for a bit, the phone just rang and rang and rang.

Maybe next week. I'm on a bit of a hiatus from the Mormons.

doug said...

Ann wrote: " I'm on a bit of a hiatus from the Mormons."

I can't read this without filtering it through the South Park voice that draws out those two words "the Mormons" like they are referring to some delightful curiosity tinged with minor revulsion.

My new Mormon neighbors creep me out (ever so slightly) with their shinny veneer and random acts of kindness. (haa haa, life could be worse, “oh those awful neighbors being kind and happy – how awful!”) They salted our walkway to melt the ice. Mrs. Mormon runs up to me almost in a panic one day after anonymously laying down the salt to tell me that the salt won’t hurt our dog. There was no introduction to her declaration, just a pleading “DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE SALT”.

The implications made my head spin.

Ye are the salt of the earth.
Don’t worry, the salt[we] won’t hurt you.
If the salt has lost its savor you will slip, fall and crack your head on the ice.

As I savored these (and more) possible mo-subconscious entendre’s I forgot to carry on a conversation with good natured kind hearted mo-neighbor and barely squeaked out my response, “thank you”. I almost blurted out, “hey, I appreciate the novel start to the love campaign!” (Must be because they are foreigners)

Reflecting back on how I processed the whole exchange I am bummed that I am so cynical about these people I am barely acquainted with. (Is it really bad writing to include “I am” three times in one sentence?)

Randy said...

I dunno. I find myself less cynical about people being nice as I get older, though I'm just as cynical as ever about people in general. We just had an LDS neighbor drop some blankets by that BYU students donated to Katrina relief. Evidently, there were more blankets donated than were needed. We had never met this guy before, yet they've lived around the corner for a couple of years. DW sounded surprised by that. However, it's not like we've been beating down the door to the meetinghouse.

That line about the salt losing its savor is priceless.

Ms-Chievous said...

Best. Pictures. Ever.

Miranda said...

The boys are getting so big and so handsome. I love those smiles.

My youngest son really loves looking at pictures of your boys, especially the picture of the murals in your bedroom. You should see my family room is all I'm going to say.

Randy said...

We watched "Trading Spouses" or whatever the name is last night. They had a swap between a Holly Homemaker and a wiccan priestess who was totally oblivious to housekeeping (and, for that matter, to anything having to do with her husband and children). The wiccan household had crayon marks all over the walls, and the kids had graduated to drawing regular pictures on the wall instead of stay marks. We laughed out loud when we saw that.