Monday, February 27, 2006

More suffering in the Big Easy

I just came from the food court in the Place St. Charles office building, where I had hoped to munch on my favorite media noche sandwich and fried plantains. Evidently, the sandwich press there is broken, so I had to order something else. Yet one more annoyance caused by Hurricane Katrina. Oh, the humanity! Sniff. On second thought, I hope I don't end up sniffing. I seem to develop a very nasty cough every time I come to the city; it had me sick yesterday and Saturday. Today has been so far, so good.

Judging from the trash on the streets, Carnival is going well. It'll be interesting to see if the powers-that-be use the tonnage of trash to estimate attendance--there are still tons of debris and garbage left over from the storm that haven't been collected, and I wonder whether the city has the manpower or the funds to collect the Carnival garbage.


Ann said...

I drove through Chalmette and Lower 9 yesterday. It was the first time I've been to the city in the daytime. Oh.My.Freakin.Heck.

I will probably blog about it later.

The sandwich thing is also appalling. I like the gyros. Is the gyro shop still open?

Randy said...

Sadly, the gyro shop is closed. The place with the media noches is way better than anything in a food court has any right to be. Damn, their sandwiches are good.

I ain' been down by Chalmette an' da Parish. But oh my freaking heck is right for most of the city of N.O. But my new office sure is nice (I digress into self-centered triviality in the main post here).