Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bad sleep

undiscovered country
illegal alien

Dreaming was very weird last night. I was inside some kind of satanic temple, but it was being run by my friend from the N.O. Zen Temple. I was hot for a woman who was a member of this group, but, as a member of this satanic group, she could only survive inside the facility, inside a gigantic tank of water. I declared that I would live in the tank of water if I had to, and I jumped in. I came up for air shortly thereafter, and Jeff decided to allow the woman to come up for air also (strange, actually, if she could live underwater without it, but we're in dreamland). But there was no air at the top of the tank when she came up. Next thing I know, the woman has escaped, and the two of us are in my pickup truck (I don't own a pickup, but, again, we're in dreamland here). I go into the satanic facility, and Jeff and another dude laugh at the thought of this woman living in the sunlight and out of her water tank. I go outside, and the woman has escaped in my pickup, leaving no clue as to where she has gone. So I lost my truck, and we didn't even . . . .

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Ann said...

Self-censorship is cute.