Sunday, December 11, 2005

terrorist dreamin'

Last night, I dreamed that DW, our kids, my mother, and a few other relatives were being held hostage in my mother's house, by the lead character in the Showtime series "Sleeper Cell." I highly recommend that show, BTW. However, the character, Farik, had brought his own wife and small children to help hold us hostage. After a couple of days, I hatched an escape plot. I would explain that I needed to go into the office to pick up some materials for a case I was working on from home, go to the office, then go to the FBI office across the street and report the hostage-taking. Of course there are a couple of holes here. Why would they take hostages and not tell anybody? Why did I think there was an FBI office across the street, when I know IRL that the FBI moved to another part of town a few years ago? But I digress. My escape plan got hung up when I couldn't find my laptop or the part of the case file I had at home. For some strange reason, I thought I needed those to be able to go in and get the rest of the file. Strange. Anyhow, the plan worked, and I returned with some agents, who freed everybody. Farik even surrendered, so as to save his family.

The end.

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