Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas, 2005

We took four long car rides on Christmas day, and each child had a ride-related obsession that was frustrated. Toby wanted to see a train, and Adam wanted to get food at Burger King. It was Christmas, which meant no trains, no Burger King open. I noticed a little collaboration in the house--on a couple of occasions, the kids were fighting like cats, but Toby still managed to hand Adam his shoes. In our house, shoes are an object for "I want to go for a ride--now!

Adam has had fun selecting my t-shirts and footwear the last few times he has been home. This time, I had to wear Doc Martens sandals, and, on Christmas Day, he insisted that I wear the BYU t-shirt that brother-in-law Bill sent as a joke a few years ago. There you go, B--proof that Adam is indeed "Little Bill." Not only is the physical resemblance striking, but he seems to be a Cougar fan too. Posted by Picasa

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Just Me said...

I love the photos. The boys are growing so fast! Sounds like you had a busy but pleasant Christmas. Your dreams crack me up! How do I get some of those?