Friday, August 29, 2008

Panic City

Damn, this area is jittery today, the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Gustav is forecast to make landfall Tuesday morning down on The Bayou (Bayou Lafourche), in Cajun Boy's territory, yet I had difficulty buying gas this morning in Slidell, which is far removed from there. I don't know why, but that really cheesed me. I think it was just icing on the cake of overkill broadcasting, premature evacuations, and and a general sense of panic. Anyway, I was yelling, slamming my fist on the horn, and punching the steering wheel whenever I encountered the usual rush-hour frustration on the way into work this morning. I rarely get worked up like that.


Ann said...

I'm a basket case.

Randy said...

Check out the latest run of computer models on They are all moving west, and are starting to converge a little. It's looking like it might be a replay of Rita instead of Katrina. Earlier today, the models were all over the Gulf Coast, and one model took the storm into the Yucatan.