Sunday, June 01, 2008


It's a mystery to me why I'm trying to track down my birthparents, aside from wanting health information and genetic history. I think I might have dropped it by now but for my irritation at the notion that I am legally barred from just calling up and getting my birth records like anybody else could. There's an adoptee rights rally scheduled for July 22, in the park directly across the street from my office. The National Conference of State Legislators will be in town, and there's a big push on in several states for open-records laws. Maybe I'll go; it's certainly more pragmatic to walk across the street than to march on Washington or Austin.

Yesterday, as we were preparing to check out of our hotel so we could pick up A. for a weekend visit at home, I suddenly contemplated all the disappointment my kids have experienced over the years. I briefly sobbed. They've had a great deal of joy also, and they enjoy their day-to-day lives. I wonder whether my deal yesterday had anything to do with my search for my own origins or my profound disappointment in my own family of origin the past decade or so.


Michelle said...

Please come to the protest on July 22nd! For more information please email me at

Your origins and health iformation is important. It's yours.

Anonymous said...

I agree - it's important. You're important.

Only those who've been adopted can describe their experience. The lack of knowing one's history, one's root's, one's bloodline... those bits of knowledge that the unadopted take for granted that are simply unavailable or unknown to adoptees.

I wish you the best in your search, even if you put it on the backburner.