Thursday, May 22, 2008

Zen Mormons?

Friend of the blog ScottyDoo has posted a PDF link to an article from Sunstone about the potential mixing of yogic mantra meditation and Mormonism. I couldn't help but notice a few statements heard from more orthodox LDS members on the author's "bad religion" list. Gotta love liberal Mormons, going through life with one foot in the chapel and the other on a banana peel. Seriously, though, as a Zen type and a Westerner, I've occasionally toyed with the notion that Western faith traditions could benefit from adopting Eastern meditative practices. I really don't see the LDS Church officially adopting meditation as one of its practices, but this author seems to have integrated it into his own life without ditching his religious beliefs.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine the LDS church ever officially adopting meditation as a practice, because they already have prayer, which many consider their meditation. (which is fine).

I absolutely think there would be a huge benefit for blending some eastern meditative practices into Western faiths. This was kind of the whole idea behind my site to begin with. Though I guess that's still on a personal level, where you're talking more like visiting your local Presbyterian church for their sitting meditation session.

Is that more what you're talking about?

Randy said...

I was thinking something along the lines of the Catholic centering prayer movement, which looks like an amalgam of Eastern meditative practices and the Catholic contemplative tradition.

As for LDS specifically, I always thought the celestial room presented a fabulous opportunity for contemplation. On our old stake trips to Atlanta, I would do far fewer sessions than most others just so I could sit in there and take in the positive energy.

beatdad said...

I think it would be enough if the L.D.S. Church had more structured prayer.

beatdad said...

Thanks for posting this Randy; I found it enlightening.

Stephen said...

"meditation and prayer" is official doctrine.

Vladimir said...

I'm curious of how and when this all came about. The adoption of transcendental meditation by believers in faith. The idea of something existing beyond the rational mind, what can be seen, heard, felt, etc. in any God(as an Entity) worshiping sect seems a bit fishy. I believe the meaning of this meditation has been taken out of context. From my research tonight, I've seen it advertised to the public, as if to sell. Even sometimes literally to sell. (how-to guides, and by-the-hour spiritual teachers)

I wish I could say I am surprised, but this is just another example of what is becoming of our world.

But, though this will only be seen by few, I have the urge to let you know this:

The 'meditation' that is done in your churches isn't at all the same that is achieved by Enlightened ones, or those seeking to be Enlightened. The rational mind cannot comprehend what it cannot perceive. That being said, a more suitable term for what the LDS church(as well as others) has adopted would be 'Placebo'.

Thank you for your time...

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