Monday, March 10, 2008

No cheesy smiles

T says "cheese."

Whoever designed our local mall's Easter display needs to feel the sting of the lash. Almost immediately after I took this photo, A. looked down next to the fountain and saw some large, colorful, lightweight Easter Eggs. I stopped him from actually throwing one into the fountain, but I couldn't blame him for trying. A certainly isn't the only kid who would be tempted by such a set-up. The same mall used to have small rocks in the planters underneath the trees surrounding the fountains, and those rocks had a bad way of finding their way into the water.

King Neptune raising the waves.



Ann said...

They are getting so big. What happens to our babies, eh?

Casdok said...

Beautiful pictures, definetly King Neptune!

Bill said...

They both look happy. I too would have been tempted to throw an egg in the water.