Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Allergy Fu

Tall summer grasses--
all that remains of
great soldiers' imperial dreams
--Matsuo Basho

Tall summer grasses--
allergy testing today
spots honor Basho

I did allergy testing this morning, with 60 substances put just under my skin. My allergies to weed pollen and grass pollen are pretty bad; I fared somewhat better with trees and mold spores. I had no allergic reaction at all to the indoor substances that were tested. I've had a number of upper respiratory infections and a whole lot of post-nasal drip in recent months. Thank goodness for breath mints.


Sweet and Salty said...


lol! "Allergy Fu" sounds really funny, like a great Jackie Chan comedy.

Glad you're not doing to bad with the allergies. I had a tough time since I moved to the mid west.

Randy said...

I've always been cursed with allergies, but I had several years of good luck that ended earlier this year. The worst place I've lived allergy-wise is Nashville, where I spent two years in the mid-1980s with miserable head colds. Otherwise, it seems like a nice enough town.

I once made an amusing allergy pill purchase in St. Louis. As I was buying an emergency box of Chlor-Trimenton at midnight, I saw a classmate enter the drugstore. I walked out of the drugstore and looked at the car parked next to mine. Inside was the law professor with whom my classmate was having an affair. I knew what she must have been buying in there. I was so desperate to take my meds and fall asleep that I didn't even hang around to laugh at them.