Friday, September 14, 2007

Randy and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

It started around 4;00 a.m., when I had a nightmare that left me screaming out loud in my sleep. Then I had to take an hour off work to take the car into the shop. So I drove our other car into work, loaded with all of my telecommuting gear from yesterday. I had two duffel bags, a backpack, and my wheeled laptop bag. Our garage at work is in a basement with an in-ramp and an out-ramp, and we're supposed to walk up a narrow, steep stairway and out a door on the first floor of the building. Our offices are in a building across the street. That's usually no problem. However, because I was so loaded down today, I used my card key to open the garage door and exited up the out-ramp. A courthouse security guard threatened to take away my card key if I ever leave the garage that way again, baggage notwithstanding, then blamed his rigidity about enforcement of the rule on a higher authority. So I started working, when Toyota called to tell me they had ordered the wrong parts for my car. Later in the day, I had a mixup with the local pharmacy and my doc. When I got down to the car after work, I noticed that another hubcap had come off. At least I didn't have a wreck on the way home.


Ann said...

Don't you hate it when service providers act like they are doing YOU a favor by taking your money. Ugh.

The kids are looking great.

Anonymous said...

when it rains it pours