Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy Utah Holiday

The 24th of July marks Brigham Young's entry into the Salt Lake Valley, and the day is a quasi-holiday for Wasatch Front members of the LDS Church. They have a parade and everything, though it's not a real parade because nobody throws beads and public nudity isn't as popular in Salt Lake as it is here. Now it's true that most of the people who show flesh at Mardi Gras aren't ones I want to see naked. However, if new N.O. residents Brad and Angelina want to show for throw, it might help them fit in around here. I'm just saying. Not that I would look or anything. No way, not me. Oh, yeah, Pioneer Day. The date isn't all that significant to Mormons outside Utah, though gentle reader Ann says that the local congregation in our town had a Pioneer Day commemmoration on Sunday.


Maddy said...

Well there's something I didn't know - too noisy to listen to the radio today.

Ann said...

Great post, R. I LOVE the way you worked Brangelina in to a Pioneer Day post.

Sideon said...

I lost the rest of the post and got stuck on Brad and Angelina and nakedness and throwing beads.