Saturday, June 02, 2007

Diving into the Subconscious?

Surface, smooth as glass
Calm, organized, rational
"He has depth," they say,
but I don't see it

Some pull on the anchor line
descending slowly
I plop in and sink down faster
seeking out the dark depth

Underneath, chaotic struggle
Shark eats fish eats fish
On the floor, a cloud of sand
ruins visibility

I move through the cloud
compass, computer to guide
Must be near the anchor line
How much air do I have?


Ann said...

That's wonderful, R.

Sideon said...

Very nice.

The ending is great - creates instant tension and lots of questions within questions.

There is definitely depth.

Randy said...

I'm having a series of very intense dreams, and I wanted to think of a metaphor for my own comfort. Scuba diving came to mind early in the morning when I was up with one of my kids.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, introspective poem.