Saturday, March 10, 2007

Poetry Thursday

About a week ago, I decided to try out Poetry Thursday, something I noticed on gentle reader Sideon's blog. This week's assignment was based on the color red, something I had a few disjointed ideas on, but, alas, wasn't able to put together. Also, I was a little depressed on Thursday, so writing about an un-depressed color like red didn't seem right.

We have A. at home this weekend. He woke us up at 2:00 a.m. today, which is very unusual for him. A few years ago, however, sleepless nights were routine for him, and your humble correspondent generally was "it."

One of the gentle readers of this space is getting married on March 17. This is one of the very finest people I know, so congratulations are in order. Your humble correspondent will be on-hand for most of the festivities. One problem--anybody who has ever seen my tie collection would know that all of them are hilariously inappropriate for the requested dress for photos at this event. If Craig the Filosopher is reading, he can vouch for me here. I wear really loud ties to compensate for my introverted personality--and because I happen to like them. I came home from Target last night with a tie that I thought might do, but DW questioned that. It's a funny problem to have, actually--a lawyer who cannot dress conservatively to save his life.


Craig said...

What Craig can definitely vouch for is how easy the SAO has it not having to wear ties every day.

Randy said...

I need to edit this title so Craig's comment can be read more easily. I'm dyin' for some philosophizin', btw. I can't say I understood those math posts as well as I might have back in the day of Calculus 101, but they sure were interesting.