Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Oh my goodness. This morning, two of my coworkers commented on the rudeness of some other hotel guests during breakfast the past few days. There is a quilting convention in town, and the guests in questions were quilters--you know, nice granny types. Now, these are lawyers commenting on the assertiveness and bad manners of others. We lawyers as a class have a reputation for rude, assertive conduct, so when a lawyer comments on the behavior of others, you know there's something to it. I told one of my coworkers not to worry, that I would sic DW on the offending quilters. So we went to the evening social hour in the breakfast room downstairs a little while ago, and I wasn't disappointed. One of the quilters ignored the utensils and grabbed some veggies with her hands. DW went up to her and pointed out that most civilized people don't do that. The hotel staff applauded DW. Incredibly, one or two of the other quilters came into the room later on and also took veggies with their hands. One of them ate write at the buffet table; another was licking her fingers at the same table. Heaven only knows where those hands have been! Damn, it was fun to watch.


Ann said...

This is both really funny and really gross.

Phoebe said...

LOL -- you said it, Ann.